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Restorative Justice

Using Mediation Skills to Help Repair Harm

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Restorative justice provides opportunities to those directly affected by an offence to communicate and agree how to deal with the offence and its the consequences. This includes: Victims, Offenders, and members of the community. Restorative Justice is co-ordinated by Kim Salisbury and funded by the Youth Offending Team, the Probation Service and Mid Kent Police.
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Maidstone Mediation adheres to the practice standards of the Restorative Justice Council

How does Restorative Justice work?

There are four commonly used restorative processes...
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Victim-offender Mediation

This enables the victim and offender to communicate with each other with the help of a facilitator. Communication can either be face-to-face or indirectly (when the facilitator acts as a go-between). The mediation allows for questions and information to be exchanged and an agreement reached.

Restorative Conferencing

This is a face-to-face meeting where both the victim and offender bring supporters to a conference led by a trained facilitator. As with the mediation, agreements will be established to set out the way the offender can address the harm done to the victim. There may also be an agreement to undertake rehabilitative work in order to address the underlying cause of the behaviour.

Family Group Conferencing

This is a face-to-face meeting where the offender brings their extended family (as support) to meet the victim (with their supporters). Family group conferring may also include the presence of representative of agencies such as Social Services and/or schools etc. The meeting is led by a trained facilitator. Both parties are given the opportunity to state their views, before the offender and their family withdraw to draw up a plan which is then submitted to the conference for agreement.

Referral Order Youth Offender Panels

First-time convicted young offenders and their parents meet with a community volunteer panel. Victims can either attend or have their views represented by a third party. The offence and its consequences are discussed and a contract for reparation and rehabilitation are agreed upon.
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Maidstone Mediation Scheme... Helping bridge the conflict.

Maidstone Mediation Scheme

Community Support Centre
Marsham Street
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Tel: 01622 692843

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